America for Christ Offering--The total America for Christ (AFC) Offering is distributed into three parts:

29% goes to regions                        
59% goes to National Ministries        
12% goes to the offering’s promotional costs

One hundred per cent of National Ministries’ AFC gifts support:  Caring Ministries & Prophetic Justice, Discipleship & Transformation , Evangelism & New Church Planting, and Intercultural Ministries

Bacone College--Bacone College is an independent college related to the American Baptist Churches,
USA.    Bacone is unique for its historic and ongoing American Indian heritage and traditions.  The environment
is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of students in a multicultural setting.  Guided by Christian
principles, the college is committed to offering quality educational programs through a personalized approach
designed to enrich career and personal development.

Gordon Conwell Seminary--Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is an educational institution serving the Lord
and His Church.   Its mission is to prepare men and women for ministry at home and abroad. The Seminary undertakes
this task as a training partner with the Church so that what is learned on campus may be complemented by the
spiritual nurture and the exercise of ministry available through the Church.

M & M Offering--Since 1935, American Baptists have contributed to special offerings received
in their churches for retired ABC ministers and missionaries or their widowed spouses.   The Retired                                                                
Ministers and Missionaries Offering (RMMO) was established in 1977.  Through this annual
offering, American Baptist congregations say thank you in a tangible way to the denomination’s retired
ministers and missionaries or their widowed spouses.

Murrow Indian Children's Home--The Murrow Indian Children's Home, a National Ministries mission partner,
provides a residential home program to needy children from the tribes of Oklahoma. "These abandoned, abused, or
neglected children are deeply troubled and, in some cases, the state agencies have given up on them," Brown explains.
"But each one is a child of God and we don't give up on them." Murrow's four cottages can serve about 18 children at a
time, ranging in age from 8 to18 years of age.

Palmer Seminary--Palmer Theological Seminary was founded on March 19, 1925 as Eastern Baptist Theological
Seminary. Palmer Theological Seminary's Theological position affirms the Bible as uniquely inspired and the authoritative
revelation of God's nature and purposes for humanity. Commitment to that revelation, fully expressed in Jesus Christ,
calls for the preparation of persons for ministry who are faithful to all parts and implications of the Gospel.