The Social Service Committee began giving away clothing as early as 1993.  In 1998 the Clothes
Closet was moved into the corner of a Sunday School classroom to make it more accessible.  The
program expanded considerably under the stewardship of Pat and Ray Marshall, Ramona Gould
and Mae Donahue in 2000, when the Park Avenue Methodist Church handed over their inventory
and racks because they were not conveniently located for the potential clientele.

The Clothing Closet receives their clothing donations from a variety of sources, including church
members, Auburn Police, and Catholic Charities.  They also gave out layettes to mothers-to-be
when they took over the Catholic Birthline program.

The 2008 Mother/Daughter Banquet program was a Style Show featuring articles of clothing from
“The Boutique” (Clothing Closet) coordinated by Mae Donahue, Alice Piper, Lena Kanda, and Linda

You are welcome to donate to the Clothing Closet; or visit and take what you need on any Thursday
9:30 am−2:00 pm.