it is  Bible Study conducted by a team of two women from CSBC led by Reta Turner and Linda Curran. The main objective is to
help  the women become acquainted with the Bible and read for themselves what God is saying to them in the hope that they will
get to know Him personally. We are most appreciative of the Bibles supplied by the Gideon’s, and the women are free to take
them when they leave the jail.

The number of women attending Bible Study varies from week to week.  The smallest class has been two, and the largest so far is
19. If the women are there for any length of time it gives us the opportunity to form  relationships with them.   In 1998 when the
visits started, Bible Study was held in a cell block, from there it moved into the library, and now it is held in the visitors' room.
Women are incarcerated for varying lengths of time from just a few hours to several weeks or months.   Generally, if their
sentence is longer than 9 months they are transported to one of Maine’s Correctional Facilities.

In addition to the Bible Study, the food and clothing ministries of our church are encouraged, and many have come in after they
have been released.   The women are also  invited to attend our Sunday Worship Services and Bible Study classes upon release.