Senior Choir
Chime Choir
In November, 2002, Kathy Haley began as Music Director for CSBC.  Norman Rose, with over fifty years as organist in
Auburn churches, has continued to play before the morning worship services and on other occasions.  Ongoing music
programs have been "In Concert" produced by Rob Hansen, The Diane Muise concerts (Diane, a member of CSBC, was a
popular Christian singer who toured the US and Canada.  She died shortly after the last concert given at CSBC in June,
2008.), the Thanksgiving concert (started in 2003) with Phil House and Kathy Haley, and the Delta Heart concerts.

A significant development in the music program has been the relationship between the choir and the Mark Thallander at
Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA.  While he summered in Ogunquit, he was a parishioner of Pastor Dave Clark.  
An automobile accident in 2003 necessitated the amputation of his left arm, but he continues to perform.  Members of
our choir have joined several other choirs in concerts sponsored by the Foundation at Worcester, MA; Cathedral Church
of St. Luke in Portland; the Church on the Cape in Cape Porpoise and two services at CSBC.  We celebrated our 150th
Anniversary in conjunction with the Mark Thallander Foundation, with a "Festival of Thanksgiving" that included
participants from more than 20 choirs from central Maine in the fall of 2010.