Van Rides Available
In 1981 the Senior and Junior Youth Fellowship were both reestablished.  The biggest project was the successful purchase of a
fifteen passenger van through bottle drives, bake sales, and gifts from the church family.  Then in 1998 a new van was
purchased, and paid for by the end of 2001.

In 2011, the church voted to designate the van specifically for Youth, and to purchase another vehicle for transporting others.  
A mini-bus that is easily accessible to everyone was acquired and now is available on Sunday mornings to transport people to  
Morning Worship and Sunday School.

Church volunteers pick up parishioners in the Lewiston-Auburn area for the Sunday morning worship
service.  The van is also used for special events—such as Choir outings or Women's events.

If you lack transportation, feel free to call the church, 784-6661, for a ride to our Sunday morning service.