CSBC Stained Glass windows
Each eventually located on Court Street.  These two
churches merged in 1930 to become what is now the
Court Street Baptist
built in 1868–1870. The spire was constructed in 1888.
The stained glass windows were installed about 1914.
The windows are not simply beautiful decorations.  They
contain symbols that convey Christian ideas and

Who were those people whose names are found on the
stained glass windows in our sanctuary?  That question is
posed in a 1969 poem, “Sounds from the Organ,” by Mrs.
Glaydis Parker Mann, written for the recognition of the
sixtieth anniversary
of the service of organist Mrs. Gladys White:

I admired the windows of wondrous beauty
And knew everyone by name.
I tried to imagine what people so saintly
Did to attain such fame.
churches with glorious stained glass windows.  Possibly a bit of envy prompted Protestants to replace their plain windows
with colored windows that memorialized those whose relatives chose to fund them, and that conveyed Christian ideas, but did not
contain icons to be worshipped.

This  compilation of articles first published during 2009 in the church’s newsletter, The Spire. Most of the biographical
information concerning those memorialized in the windows comes from their obituaries and church records. The following are
useful sources that explain Christian symbolism:

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