ABCOM Region Offering - Scriptures affirm the local church as the fundamental unit of mission; and our priority
as a denomination is to support and challenge congregations as they live out their mission "in Jerusalem, Judea,
Samaria and to the ends of the earth."  ACTS: 1:8 NIV    As the American Baptist Churches of Maine, we covenant
together as participants in what God is doing through Jesus Christ to:

Call our local churches to experience transformational growth
Reach 20,001 new believers with the Gospel of Christ
Identify and nurture 210 caring ministries
Establish 21 new churches that reach new people/address unmet needs

AIM Institute for Ministry--The mission of the American Baptist Churches of Maine Institute for Ministry is to
provide ongoing theological, ministry and discipleship education to pastoral leadership and laity in Maine.  The
AIM is committed to providing excellence in learning, instruction, research, and equipping for ministry.  The
Institute for Ministry seeks to uphold the foundation of biblical teaching, Baptist heritage, and global awareness
of mission to all men and women enrolled.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Rev. Bill Cutler--Bill is the Campus Staff Member at Bates and Bowdoin Colleges and the Team Leader for the
Central Maine Team  of InterVarsity staff.
Rev. John Haslam--John serves in the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in Southern Maine serving the University of New England and University of Southern Maine.

Long Creek Youth Ministry--The Long Creek Youth Development Center is committed to creating and providing
opportunity for success through personal growth in a safe and secure environment.  It functions as a total educational
rehabilitative resource within the state-wide correctional setting.

Maine Bible Society--Founded in 1809, the Bible Society of Maine has been committed to making the Word of God
available to all people--in a language and format that each can understand, and at a price that each can afford--that
they might know Jesus Christ as Savior and follow Him as Lord.

Maine Family Policy Council--It is their purpose to present and maintain an effective, positive and
faithful Christian witness in the public life of our State; to express, through various means the relevance of
the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God to the social and moral issues of our time; to promote a consistent
and integrated Christian world view; to have a redemptive impact upon the development of public policy in
Maine; to uphold, in all its statements and actions, a biblical standard of justice and righteousness; and to reflect,
in all ways, a genuine Christian compassion and respect for all people.